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Starting a small business requires you to invest your time and resources, pay extensive attention, and be determined and optimistic. So, congratulations to you if you are thinking about doing it or have already started; not many people have the courage to do so. However, Deepak Kharbanda says that you should be aware that starting a business comes with a lot of responsibilities. The first is the responsibility to keep going no matter what, and the second is the responsibility to avoid the common mistakes entrepreneurs make, most of which can be easily avoided.

Following are a few of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them:

1. Not Giving Enough Importance to Customer’s Opinions

In the early times of the growing phenomenon, feedback helps you to keep aligned with your product or service. What you believe is an excellent idea that may or may not be appealing to your target market. Firstly, ask a customer or client what he or she wants and then amend your product, you are likely to get positive feedback.

If we get a healthy response from a customer, then it means they are getting what they want. Deepak Kharbanda also recommends it is essential to scrutinize the product with a small group of customers or clients before launching it.

One has to have a dedicated and positive outlook while starting a new business which requires a lot of time and money. It needs a wide range of attention. If you are planning to do it then best wishes, as it is not so easy and many people don’t even have the guts to do it.  However, Deepak Kharbanda says that you should be having the knowledge that a new business one has to start carries a lot of commitment. The first is the responsibility to keep going no matter what, and the second is the responsibility not to make common mistakes entrepreneurs make, most of which can be easily avoided.

2. Rushing into the Decision of Expansion

Success is something that will aim you to get more and make you achieve higher. However, entrepreneurs should avoid pursuing a rapid expansion strategy. Expanding a company too quickly can negatively influence customer service and overburden employers. The last thing you want to do when you have got a great thing going is exploit your crew and destroy your brand. You will have a better chance of extended success if you spread it slowly and wisely.

3. Not Establishing Healthy Relationships and Teams

When it comes to building a company, nothing is more important than the team, especially if you have established product-market fit. So, when in doubt, hire and fire anything that is not benefiting you or the company.  Try to spend more time in person with customers, partners, and other people. Do not try to get out of meeting potential stakeholders, this is one of the deadly mistakes entrepreneurs make, as per Deepak Kharbanda.

Make time to meet with them and get their input, as well as to understand how much they enjoy the product and what improvements they want to make. Understanding these factors and applying them is crucial.

4. Try to Convince People and Feel Honored in Doing it

People must understand a firm for making it a success and allow it to run. An entrepreneur who succeeds must be able to persuade others. If an entrepreneur fails to do so, his or her business will never grow and will break down one day.


Make a target to forgo the above-listed shortcomings the businessman commits. However, don’t get discouraged if they happen. Take the help of an expert, analyze your mistakes, determine what went wrong, and be careful that you do not commit them again.

Deepak kharbanda says that we regularly hear successful company tales, but be mindful that there are also many breakdown stories. So, be aware of the mistakes you’ve already made and take steps to avoid them in the future. Research, making strategy, and adaptability can help you avoid many of the risks of launching a new company.