Influencer Marketing – An Asset for Small Businesses By Deepak Kharbanda

Social media has completely changed how businesses operate in the 21st century. Especially after the pandemic, social media has become the go-to for everything in this new normal – including promoting and advertising products and services. Businesses are now using social media as their primary method for advertisement, and due to this, we are seeing a remarkable rise in the name of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has seen a drastic rise in the recent few years. In times of the pandemic, when there wasn’t much to do, many people turned to their phones and social media and referred to themselves as influencers, says Deepak Kharbanda. Nowadays we see many people using social media with a surplus number of followers – mainly Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, serving as full-time influencers.

Well, nowadays influencers have proven to be an effective tool for marketing. Now, here are a few ways as described by Deepak Kharbanda why influencer marketing is an asset for your small business.

1. Influencers Enhance Brand Awareness 

Influencers on social media have a massive but different type of following. Most people follow influencers because they are interested in the type of content they post – you can cash on this. When you pay influencers to market your product on their stories and posts, you ensure that your product will reach a large audience. This way, even if someone has not heard about your brand, they are likely to do so after seeing it on their favorite influencer’s social media. 

As per Deepak Kharbanda, this is particularly useful for small businesses because they require the most amount of brand awareness. Collaborating with an influencer can boost your reach to a larger and more diverse audience – which you cannot reach through traditional means.

2. Influencers Create Trust Around your Brand

Influencer marketing is an enhanced version of celebrity endorsement, and it is built on the ideology of honesty and trust. Today, social media users follow influencers because they post relatable and trustable content. This is why influencers who tend to provide genuine feedback about products, generate followers rapidly. That is how they also create an audience who trusts them as well as their accounts.

Hence, as a small business, if you approach an influencer to promote your product be ready to receive some genuine reviews. But as Deepak Kharbanda says, if your product is actually worth it then you definitely get new customers who are excited about it – someone you know is eager to have your product, then it can be a topic to worry about. 

If your audience sees an influencer they trust in using your product, they are probably to invest in it. This is a method that is a blend of celebrity endorsements and word-of-mouth.

3. Influencer Marketing is Cost Friendly

A big factor of concern while starting a new business is budget. It all requires a budget, from production to marketing, and having a small business to set up a large budget for big-scale marketing campaigns. Therefore, Deepak Kharbanda gives a fine suggestion that small businesses should spend their money on Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is for sure not free but it is a convenient option and is cost-friendly. There is no need to set up teams for a whole campaign; influencers work independently and take their fee, which is much simpler for any small business to run while having a money shortage.


Influencer marketing is on the rise, especially ever since COVID-19 completely shifted our world into a digital realm. It is very useful for a small business owner to take advice from Deepak Kharbanda and invest in influencer marketing to give your business a speedy boost and manage your reach while having a small budget.

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