Deepak Kharbanda Describes Workplace Diversity And Its Uses

Have you ever walked into a place only to find people of similar characteristics, such as the same gender and race?

Kind of off-putting, isn’t it? 

Well, it means that the place lacks diversity. Diversity in simple language translates to variety; it is the practice of including and involving people of various physical traits, characteristics, and backgrounds such as different races, gender, and ethnicity.

Diversity and inclusion of people with different characteristics are important in all aspects but unfortunately, many places in our society lack diversity, and workplaces are a common example of that. Inclusivity is still a major problem where people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures are not included or accepted. And as Deepak Kharbanda believes, this is not only demoting people of that particular group but also negatively impacts the company.

What is Workplace Diversity?

It is clear from the term itself that workplace diversity is known as inclusion and variety in a workplace. It is healthy to value people’s differences and accept them as they are. Workplaces that include people from various backgrounds are seen to have a strong workplace diversity. 

Workplace diversity is ethically the important right thing, as no one in our society should be ill-treated. However, it is very significant and advantageous for the business itself, so Deepak Kharbanda has stated its uses.

Uses of Workplace Diversity

1. A Variety of Outlook

The purpose of diversity is to understand that each person is unique and to value our differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical abilities, age, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. Hence, Deepak Kharbanda says a diverse work environment allows for a broader range of skills, mindsets, and experiences that can help achieve better results and more productivity.

2. Building a Positive Reputation for the Organisation

Diversity is among the major categories by which people rate their workplace. Think of a situation when a woman goes into an office for a job interview and the panel includes just the men, or imagine yourself as a Black being interviewed by an all-white panel- so do you think you are in such a place? The answer is surely no. This is why, according to Deepak Kharbanda, diversity is important because having the feeling of being included helps you to gain potential employees and creates a positive image of your business. 

3. Better Cultural Awareness and Advantage

Having a diverse team with people from varying cultural and racial backgrounds can have a cultural advantage. There are a variety of problems one deals with in the business world. It is very useful to have people with a certain culture or who speak a particular language for your business.

 A team of people with diverse backgrounds from different cultural and racial backgrounds can have a cultural advantage. Diversity is among the major criteria people rate a workplace for. Imagine a woman walking into an office for a job interview and the panel exclusively includes men, or imagine yourself as a black person being interviewed by an all-white panel – do you think you will be interested in that place? Most probably not. This is why, according to Deepak Kharbanda, diversity is important because people with inclusivity will help you gain potential employees and form a better brand/business image.

4.  Attract More Opportunities in Market

If you own a brand represented by a diverse team of people, you’re likely to attract more employees and investors and more customers. Having a brand People tend to incline toward brands they think they can relate to or brands they take care of representation. Hence, workplace diversity promotes a positive image for your business and helps you gain a variety of customers.

5. Promote Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity is a great initiative that every organization must take. Therefore, if you are looking forward to finding interesting ways to boost an employee’s morale at your workplace, then you must take initiative to accelerate workplace diversity. Take this advice from Deepak Kharbanda and make inclusivity an important principle for your business.

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