Deepak Kharbanda– A Successful Technical Project Manager

Deepak Kharbanda is a motivated achiever and successful technical project manager. He is a proven bottom‐line contributor. Educated, intelligent, and problem solver-Deepak Kharbanda has 10+ years of experience managing projects like web applications, mobile applications, user experience, and e-commerce. Deepak is an energetic, proven, and accomplished project manager. His ability to manage projects of every type with maximum efficiency and profit makes him superior to others. His work is professional. He has a whopping experience of 7+ years in projects related to Mobile Technology and the IT field. He is a pro in identifying needs and redundancies to implement a plan that supports customer goals. He has a track record of tackling reasons for business failures and providing optimal solutions. He has professionally worked on:-

  • Project Management
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Software Project Methodologies( Scrum, Agile, and Waterfall)
  • Web Applications
  • Business Analysis

Deepak Kharbanda’s skills that make him a successful Technical Project Manager:

It’s crucial to hire an adequately skilled technical project manager for your organization. Most organizations don’t even know the importance of a Technical project manager. 

The secret behind Mr. Kharbanda’s successful carrier is his hard work and eagerness for knowledge. He is well known in the Industry for his ability to identify problems and solving them efficiently. He possesses all the essential skills needed to manage a business. He has mastered some skills in analytics, leadership, and creative problem solving to identify new opportunities. His main adjective in the industry is to work on expanding the customer base, deepening existing relationships, and satisfying corporate objectives. 

Some of his core skills are:-

Fullproof Planning: With his foolproof planning, the chances of the failure of a project under his management get neglected. He uses the information of the project to forecast an infallible plan

Risk Management: Every project comes with some risk. A good project manager should try to minimize the need for risk-taking. But if needed, the manager should always be ready to try the possibilities. Deepak has the same mentality of risk management required to manage the project efficiently.

Time and Budget Management: Most organizations fail to manage time and budget. Some fail to complete the work in time, and others fail to handle the budget. One of the skills of Deepak Kharbnda includes adequate time and budget management. His estimate of time and budget enhances the efficiency of work. If the estimation somehow is not correct, he can manage his team to prevent them from going over time or over budget.

Project Managing Methodologies: Deepak Kharbanda has mastered Scrum, Agile, and Waterfall delivery methodologies.

Soft Skills: He has all the essential soft skills required to manage a project. His soft skills include Leadership, Communication, Time management, Collaboration, Organisation, and problem-solving. All of his soft skills help him deal with his workers and clients impressively.

Adaptability: Deepak is a focused person. But he is not rigid with his strategies. If the project gets trapped in a critical situation, Deepak can modify his strategies in an instance to minimize the loss. 

Deepak Kharbanda is an experienced person with deep knowledge in the industrial, digital, and delivery fields. With his passionate work, he is the #1 Technical Project Manager.

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Hello, I’m Deepak Kharbanda, a motivated achiever and proven bottom-line contributor. With 10+ years of project management expertise, I’ve directed global initiatives, optimized processes, and achieved successful transformations. My strengths in analytics, leadership, and problem-solving drive innovation and exceed business goals.

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