Deepak Kharbanda Suggests 4 Measures To Set Up Finances For Small Businesses

Deepak Kharbanda says there are several problems a business owner faces while starting and maintaining a new small business, which focuses on financial issues. Handling these issues is a complicated process. We have noticed that a person can make certain changes in the administration of a company to make the finances of the company better.

There are a few suggestions given to correct the mistakes made by young and inexperienced business owners. There are remarkable ways to learn financial management.

  • Avoid Delaying Payments on your Bills

You must pay all of your business bills on time, just like your personal bills. Late costs on credit cards and loans can easily add up, so you can pay late fees on vendor and utility bills. High penalties are charged if we do not pay taxes on time.

  • Monitor an Emergency Fund Aside

An emergency fund can help in running off a difficult situation when it comes to financial management for startups, suggests Deepak Kharbanda

Increasing monthly spending by six to ensure you have enough money in your emergency fund to offset your business and personal expenses for a month.

During lean months or when unpredicted expenses happen, you may need to dip into your emergency funds. Make sure you reimburse this money regularly to pay for unexpected bills.

  • Monitor Expenses and Never Spend Future Money

You can risk the future of your business if you do not keep track of your spending. Furthermore, failing to keep track of spending might result in overspending and poor financial management.

Many business owners have numerous accounts, including a checking account, a savings account, and a credit card account. Remunerating for small expenses with your company credit card, debit card, or checks is easy. However, this raises your debt and bills that you will have to pay with arising interests. The main rule here is to only spend what you have in hand as hard money. 

  •  Observe the Inventory Well

In order to avoid crossing the narrow line between having too much and not enough inventory, keep track of how much you have at a given time. Take charge of inventory purchases and sales in your books, and make sure you order exactly as much as you need.


Having more information about the company’s finances and cash flow will make you more prepared to make sound financial decisions. When it comes to financial management for startups, Deepak Kharbanda believes that being prepared for any unpredictable situation is the best strategy.

These measures will get you started, but nothing beats being enterprising and hands-on with the company’s finances at all times. Good Luck!

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