Deepak Kharbanda Tells Ways To Make Your Conference More Interesting

Conferences are typically boring and monotonous to attend. However, making your formats dynamic, despite the conferences’ purpose (Team building, B2B events, or Educative), may lead to your conferences changing into satisfying and fascinating for your attendees. 

With more firms turning to work-from-home solutions, virtual conferences and conferences became the norm. There are many ways in which you can be able to make your conference more

interesting! Whether online or face to face says Deepak Kharbanda

Try To Be More Human 

People strive to create their conferences excellently and polished, however generally, the more posh your conference is, the more boring it is often. This does not mean you ought to move in utterly unprepared and wing it.  

Having many human moments like pauses and stumbles may create your conference more relatable to your audience. If you show your emotions, then it helps in truly connecting with your audience. Do not be utterly sloppy; however make efforts to make your conference more to the point and rehearsed, says Deepak Kharbanda.

Add Interactive Experiences

We see that the people who come to attend conferences generally sit there and listen. One can easily take the help of interactive activities into their conferences. This allows your attendees to chat with each other and build a network. You can perhaps take breaks and enable the attendees to have a word and connect with each other. You can make use of icebreakers to enable the attendees to find common grounds to make it convenient to connect.

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Conducting breaks and interactions allows your attendees to give some rest from just sitting around and listening, which helps people be more productive and creative. These experiences also enable people to take home positive memories from your conferences, and they will be more expected to revisit them.

Social Connections

You should always incorporate some informal ways for attendees to socialize and network with one another. Maybe start an official hashtag on all social media to connect with people who have common interests. There are also a lot of apps available online that you could tell the attendees to download, which could help them socialize better.

This is a great way to make people engage and connect, making your conference a lot more interesting and enjoyable. Apps and hashtags are especially great for people who might be attending alone and not know anyone at the conference. It will allow your attendees to be more confident in asking questions and learning more about whatever your conference may be about.

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