Deepak Kharbanda Explains Ways To Become A Magazine Contributor

One can become a magazine contributor just by showing spontaneity in their work. 

Well, it’s not as simple as that, but at least, it’s a start.

Remarkably, there is a lot of schmoozing witnessed, and it all begins with the editor.

While browsing online or scrolling on your social media, you will come across plenty of magazine post ads looking for regular freelance contributors. To apply, you need to come up with a creative idea that will wow the editor. Your resume is not one of those standard documents listing your achievements and your educational information. It lists down what type of content you are an expert in.

It also includes stories that allow the editor to judge you based on your grammar, vocabulary, writing tone, and style. Deepak Kharbanda explains that your writing should depict that you are capable of addressing the needs of the audience and that too consecutively with superior quality work.

Here are some tips on how to secure a spot in a magazine as a contributor:

Take An Initiative To Start Small

This isn’t a go big or go home kind of situation. Getting a permanent job as a magazine contributor can be time-consuming and very hectic if you run your blog too. So, we suggest that you start small by approaching local magazines and sharing your work with them. According to Deepak Kharbanda, Many magazines welcome new writers warmly, so you needn’t worry that you won’t find your opportunity.

Try To Give Your Best

Cookie-cutter blogs are not interesting at all. They have the same tone as any other article, and they don’t add much to the topic. So, you need to show your creative skills and impress the editor. You should stay true to your form of writing but add a little spice to it.

Remain In Touch With The Editor

To build an ongoing relationship with the editor, constantly stay in touch with them. You need to prove to the editor with your work that you are reading, taking assignments on repeat, and the 5-star ones. This will push your name to the top of their mind, and whenever they get a new project, they will contact you first for availability, says Deepak Kharbanda.

Adapt To Their Language

Since you will be writing for someone else, you need to make sure that your tone and writing style match the magazine’s theme. For example, if the magazine is about fashion, you cannot make jokes in your content. You need to be classy, and sophisticated and show how you are qualified to become a part of their team by sending in quality work.

Do A Spell Check… ALWAYS

Blogs don’t seem to have a reputation but magazines do have. To maintain it, make sure to proofread your every content. Pay attention to sentence structure and make sure that you are not mixing it up with active and passive writing. And that’s how you become a magazine contributor! As you read, it’s all about hard work and showing the editors that they can trust you. If you are having a hard time pitching to esteemed magazines, get writing tips from Deepak Kharbanda and increase your chances of becoming a contributor.

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