Marketing Initiatives For Budding Small Businesses By Deepak Kharbanda

Small businesses including startup ventures and startling entrepreneurial efforts don’t have the big budgets for marketing that large companies do. Gratefully, this does not happen in this digital age we live in, these factors are something to worry about. These days, these businesses can make a huge difference with convenient cost effective marketing strategies that do not involve advertising, says Deepak Kharbanda. It is useful to understand the audience first and then target them effectively as effective marketing tools.

Businesses in today’s world can get positive responses by the way they use their marketing skills. From generating hype on social media to undertaking campaigns that catch the attention of their respective target audiences, these companies can make a name for themselves.

 Here are a few ways in which small businesses can execute effective marketing campaigns without having to spend huge amounts of money for the same.

1.  Understand the Target Audience

For moving forward it is very essential to construct the right foundation. When it comes to marketing for small businesses, learning comprehensively about their target market is the basic step toward efficient marketing. Where the internet today has given businesses the power to do wonders, it has also made consumers more aware of their surroundings. They have become better at researching and finding the best products and services that suit their needs.

As a result, businesses can’t win based on high-quality items only. Customers are always on the lookout for experiences rather than products or services.  Deepak Kharbanda When a business can provide them with exclusive treatment through various aspects like customer service, consultations, trials, and feedback incorporation, customers are attracted to the brand, thus creating a subtle marketing tool for the business.

2.    Hinder Your USP

The markets today are extremely competitive. Products and services sell through unique selling propositions. First and foremost, your business needs to have a strong USP, one that seems irresistible to customers. Next, your marketing efforts, branding, packaging, and other elements need to emphasize this proposition. It is not necessarily about putting the USP in people’s faces but showing it to them in action so that they truly believe it.

3.  Work on Customer Retention

Holding on to old customers is much easier and resource-efficient as compared to acquiring new ones. This is why business experts always stress the need to retain customers as much as possible. A small business needs to particularly focus on making sure that it can build customer loyalty. Deepak Kharbanda believes an old customer is an asset that not only comes back to themselves but also brings others through recommendations. This simple process of customer retention becomes a marketing tool in itself.

4.   Use Social Media as Promotional Tools

There are a lot of digital marketing mediums that are free. At the same time, others require minimal investment. Social media marketing only requires creative ideas and can be done without any initial investment. Deepak Kharbanda suggests starting a website and more importantly, a business blog can help boost your company image and revenues extensively without the need for big budgets.


Having a small business doesn’t mean that you have to think small. It is all about innovation and creativity these days. For businesses to thrive, they need to leverage existing channels in a way that can drive the most results. The beauty is that these avenues don’t necessarily need to be costly.

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