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Earth is not just a sacred place to live but also a habitat in the entire universe. This idea has come out to be a controversial topic in the fact of destroying the planet, resulting in the calamities that will one-day end life on it. For saving the planet for coming generations, sustainability has become the only effective way for modern businesses.

Small businesses and larger corporations alike are diligently working towards implementing sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations. Deepak Kharbanda says through these objectives, businesses tend to establish themselves as leaders and more earnestly, sustainable entities that believe in staying true to environment preservation.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals Are Imperative in Leading the Way

The United Nations introduced the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These goals were introduced to the world in September 2015 and accepted in January 2016. These SDGs provide a solid framework for the sustainable development of businesses that foster and build sustainable models for themselves. It enables them to tackle some crucial environment-related factors.

By combining various SDGs in the operational model, businesses can direct their future towards actions in which the environment is given importance. Customers also have an image that aware companies are trustworthy and preferable to do business with. Therefore, not only does a business contribute to the environment, but they also build a credible brand for itself in the process.

Involve Business Stakeholders in Decision Making

Companies like Hitachi have actively involved stakeholders to allow their implementation of SDGs to become more effective. This process mostly focused on leadership teams and senior employees as these are the people who understand internal dynamics much better. 

These persons are aware of the drawbacks and how through SDGs, these problems within the company can be solved or further solved for flawless performance.

Deepak Kharbanda says companies need to deliver a key message to their stakeholders that although communication is necessary, engagement is key. Through this mission, organizational culture can be changed with the top management also stressing sustainability in business practices.

Make Use of Modern Technologies

The advent of technology has made things much simpler for everyone. These techniques are becoming famous and tools like artificial intelligence, system thinking, big data analysis, and machine learning are growing these days. 

These are the certain ways out that can help provide the capacity for complex issues to be sorted in innovative and resource-efficient ways. It is not like all modern problems can be solved in the same way as other problems do, but modern technology has solutions for many.

At the same time, companies have to incorporate regular feedback with these advancements in technology to constantly improve the implementation of new practices. From planning to execution, these steps can systematically aid in creating streamlined operations.


Sustainability, green practices, and environmental conservation have become necessary factors for established and emerging businesses to focus on. Through these efforts, companies can establish their reputation as modern and productive entities while also creating an outlook that can make a difference. Deepak Kharhanda believes this allows customers to believe in the functioning of the organization, which ultimately accelerates their growth and development.

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