You don’t need to jump on Every Social Media Platform!

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You don’t need to jump on Every Social Media Platform!

One of the most well-known types of social media is social networks.
These networks let users to unite with people and brands through online platforms.

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Social networks can help you:

⦁ Build brand awareness

⦁ Generate new leads to your brand

⦁ Form relationships with customers

⦁ Provide customer satisfactory results with your service

⦁ Get business from different networks

⦁ Boost traffic on your platform

⦁ Analyze your competitors

⦁ Build strong marketing strategies

⦁ Reports about audience reach

⦁ You get engagements

⦁ Build brand persona

⦁ Build brand identity

Many people call social networks “relationship platforms” because they let people to connect and build a relationship. You can share information, photos, videos, and more through these sites. These platforms emphasis on sharing information and linking with people.

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Types of Social Media

⦁ Social Networking
⦁ Photo Sharing
⦁ Video Sharing
⦁ Interactive Media
⦁ Blogging/Community Building

Facebook: With over 2.3 billion monthly active usersFacebook is one of the most famous social networks presented to your business. Most of the people are on these platforms just to connect with family, friends, and for business setup.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn claims over 610 million users in more than 200 million countries and regions. This social network is a best platform for professionals to integrate with each other. This is a brilliant platform for building professional relationships, sharing information, finding new jobs, and recruiting new candidates.

Twitter: Twitter has over 326 million monthly active users. This platform is used similarly to Facebook, but its more towards professionals and politicians activities including users posting photos, videos, status updates, links, polls, and more.

The most momentous difference between these social networks is the size of the message. Twitter’s unique attribute is that you only have 280 letterings for each of your messages. This limit means that you need to get to the point with what you’re trying to say.

Instagram: With over 1 billion active monthly usersInstagram is a awesome place to share photos and videos. This type of social media platform permits you to give a visual insight into your business. You can publish creative and share inspiring images and video. Instagram is boundless when you’re running diverse types of social media campaigns. You can endorse your products or services and deliver your audience with an abundant visual illustration of your brand.

YouTube: It has an accounts of over 1.8 billion monthly logged-in users on its board. Moreover, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. People aggressively search for videos and watch them on this network. If you’re observing to engage people through videos, YouTube is smart generating channel for it. This media consents you to create videos and share them anywhere in the world. It’s an exclusive chance for you to build brand awareness and engage your viewers.

Pinterest: It has over 250 million monthly active users that use this visually-attentive medium. This media sharing network efforts mostly on sharing and pinning photos. Users pin these photos to their boards and can mention back to them later. This media platform is best for sharing creative ideas, as well as your goods. You can share photos that link to blog posts, recipes, Do It Yourself ideas, and vice versa. It’s vital to keep in mind that you’re on a creative medium, so you want to confirm your posts fit the creative theme.

TikTok: It is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on any topic. TikTok maintains 300 million active monthly users.

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Select Your Platform Wisely!

There will always remain the next smart thing, the new social media network. Existing networks will endure to change, and people will modify how they use networks. With each new contribution and variation, whether it’s an innovative network, and innovative applications for an existing network, or usage, there will be a bell among marketers about how a business should, could, or might use the modern unique social media research. Before you buy-in, you should ask yourself a few questions.

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Does the New Social Media Network Extent To Your Target Audience?

Before jumping in with both feet into new social media medium, you have to tell yourself if the new network will gain your target audience. For example, no one has convinced me that Instagram is worth the effort for a B2B (Business to Business). While there might be some rewards such as branding and recruiting, overall the time a B2B would spend on Instagram might be better served on other networks. Should Your B2B Use Instagram?

Does the Network Suitable With Your Culture?

If we talk about social footprint so it is conservative. Our base customer is traditional; I’m not speaking politics I’m deliberating lifestyle. We evade going over the top, even about being a little mindless.

Do You Have the Time?

The latest, greatest, newest, network might be the talk of the town, but can you and your marketing team afford the time it takes to build an audience and make it work for you? Is the ROI (Return on Investment) value the effort? And consider this, will emerging this new network take resources away from prevailing marketing efforts? If so, at what cost?

Does this network fit you?

Can a business be on so many networks? I’m not only speaking about the time, effort, and content creation, but also dilution of your message. Is there a tipping point where one more network not only doesn’t add to the social marketing effort but diminishes from it through overexposure?

Could it be that a network that doesn’t fit your target audience, culture, or daily to-do list lessons you’re other efforts because it’s seen as superfluous? For example, if you Sign up on “TikTok” account would some see it as a nonsensical fad rather than a professional marketing action?

The bottom line is you shouldn’t jump on the newest movement without watchful deliberation. First ask if the network fits your business culture, influence your customer, and is it value your time!


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