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Mobile technology- Meaning and uses

Mobile Technology is a technology that goes where the user goes. It includes portable two-way communications devices, computing devices, and the networking technology that links them.

Present-day mobile technology is typified by internet-enabled devices like tablets, watches, and smartphones. These are the latest in a succession that consists of two-way pagers, notebook computers,(flip phones), GPS navigation devices, and more.

Mobile technology is widespread and flourishing. Deepak Kharbanda is a technological specialist with vast knowledge in various industries. He worked in this profession for 15 years and became successful in achieving various goals. He sharpened his skills in vendor management and gained great knowledge of mobile technology and web development. 

He Changed His Career To Be a Project Manager

There are many opportunities in the industry today, and Deepak Kharbanda immediately took advantage of them. He built his reputation in the industry by handling complex IT processes. After spending several years at the same company, he decided to change jobs and pursue a career as a project coordinator. In this job, he was responsible for software quality management and various applications. 

After gaining experience as a project coordinator, he began advising software development teams on improving efficiency. He had a lot of fun learning the skills of a project manager. 

Dedicated to his job, he ensures that the sources he chooses are of the highest quality and that the work can be effectively maintained. Not only does he believe in product quality, but he also believes in maintaining strong partnerships with vendor organizations over the long term.

Focuses on Quality to Get Desired Outcomes

Deepak kharbanda works in information technology and continuously looks for more sustainable and effective ways to boost his productivity. He is assessing the performance of sources using organizational criteria.

With a focus on quality, he employs a variety of approaches and strategies to ensure he achieves the intended outcomes. He uses numerous ways, but he also really believes in acquiring new abilities and exploring other resources.

Uses of Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing

To enhance productivity, he believes in a coordinated team working together for the same goal and ensuring his team works as a unit. 

During the last two years, the social media platform used for marketing search has expanded by a significant number. He also suggests that email marketing and mobile marketing are the two other main components in the present-day marketing world. Email marketing has easily enabled consumers to search for detailed information regarding any service or product.

He is a subject matter expert in mobile technologies and software project methodologies ‐ iPhone, Android, or enterprise-class web and desktop applications; strong technical background, with an understanding and working knowledge of various software delivery methodologies (i.e., Waterfall, Scrum, Agile).

Over the last few years, business communication has enhanced extremely well. The speedy unification of different technological tools has made it possible to automate tasks and foster business processes far more efficiently.

Mobile Technology is Beneficial For Communication 

The method of our communication and conduct business communication has been completely transformed by mobile technology. Advanced technology has encouraged professionals to communicate instantly and work from anywhere other than the traditional office. Deepak Kharbanda understands this well, and he is an expert in mobile technologies and software project methodology – iPhone, Android, enterprise-class web, and desktop apps; he has a remarkable technical background with working experience in multiple technical software delivery methods (i.e. Scrum, Agile and Waterfall).

How is mobile technology changing the business world? 

Mobile communication technology has seen dynamic improvements in a good deal of business areas. The widespread adoption of mobile communication technology has had major effects on businesses’ communication, changing how they interact with customers, stakeholders, and third parties. We have highlighted a few ways that mobile technology can transform your business.

Management systems for projects

Project management systems have made it possible for workers to communicate their ideas without meeting. You and your team can use the same application to create checklists, assign tasks, set goals, and track progress, regardless of whether you are at work or home. Project management software can help businesses be more efficient and save time and money.

Improved customer experience

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their customers’ experience, and mobile devices are becoming increasingly important. Mobile apps allow businesses to reach customers from anywhere. Thanks to mobile technology, customer service standards have increased tremendously. Businesses can instantly answer customers’ questions and concerns. Deepak Kharbanda believes these interactive tools allow for clear communication. Mobile app developers create web interfaces based on user behaviors to engage users.

Collaboration at work is Elevated.

Companies can also use mobile technology to grow their workforce and create a global network. Because mobile devices allow employers to collaborate from anywhere, they remove communication barriers. Mobile devices with smart technology enable workers to participate in teleconferences, online meetings, and video calls. Members of a team can now share their views no matter where they may be. Mobile phones allow for better collaboration between employees and can also improve productivity.

Optimized business operation

Deepak Kharbanda says, the mobile trend has eased business operations and accelerated efficiency. Mobile technology makes it simpler to exchange emails, send and get invoices, track expenses and share files.

Mobile technology makes production and distribution more efficient.

Marketing strategies that work better

Businesses can now create more effective marketing strategies due to the increasing use of mobile phones. Many have integrated beacons into their daily activities to ensure that customers access personalized information on products and offers from their mobile phones. This improved marketing strategy allows businesses to track their customer’s journeys and create strategies that increase sales and leads.

He Had a Great Proficiency in Mobile Technologies

Throughout his career, he has constantly leveraged strengths in analytics, leadership, and creative problem solving to identify new opportunities, expand the customer base, deepen existing relationships, and satisfy corporate objectives. His proficiency is subject matter expertise in mobile technologies and software project methodologies, that is, iPhone, Android, or enterprise-class web and desktop applications. It also builds his strong technical background with a distinct understanding and working knowledge of multiple technical software delivery methodologies. 


According to Deepak Kharbanda, mobile technology revolutionized the way businesses can advertise and sell products and services. Mobile technology has improved and promoted communication in businesses by allowing them to track their trends and outcomes, which can be used to help improve communication strategies and increase productivity.

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