Deepak Kharbanda: Benefits of Diversity Training In the Workplace

Deepak Kharbanda explains that as we develop our workplaces, we also need to simulate structural inequity by enforcing diversity training in the workplace. Most organizations will assume a diversity of participants’ advantages and disadvantages are based on their gender, interaction, ability, race, and sexual orientation. Therefore companies are making changes to address diversity and equity. He believes that enforcing diversity training in the workplace has a significant impact and significance on the workplace and workers in general.

Since most companies are pressured to address diversity, a couple of changes have been made to address this issue. Some companies decided to extend an arm to support local, small-scale business organizations and non-profit organizations trying to enforce these issues for equality in their workplace to cope with cultural bias, misunderstanding, and discrimination among workers. Here are its uses in a workplace

Builds A Positive Reputation For The Organisation

Diversity creates an environment where people rate their workplace. For instance, a woman walking into an interview panel full of men may think she doesn’t belong. That’s why diversity is essential, as it will make some potential employee feel included and creates a positive image of your business. 

Reduced Employees Turn Over

According to Deepak Kharbanda, diversity training in a workplace is significant as it makes employees feel accepted regardless of their age, gender, and sexual orientation. It thus creates a sense of belonging to employees. Hence, a company initiating diversity will benefit as there will be reduced employee turnover.

Harmony Among Workers In The Workplace

With diversity, workers can work in harmony as the cases of racial and gender inequality are solved. People are therefore navigated in work and acknowledge each other perspectives of race, gender, interaction, ability, and sexual orientation.

Leads To Higher Innovation

Since workers are exposed to broader worldviews and prospectives, they’ll combine these prospects leading to higher innovation.

Higher Employee Engagement

Employees will feel included when they are engaged in the workplace. It brings up a link between workplace and employee engagement.

Cultural Competence

Since a workplace will have different people from different cultures and perceptions, companies will need to understand these cultures and perspectives fully. Therefore, the company should implement cultural training that diversifies the workplace and avoids unnecessary misunderstanding and miscommunication among workers, stunted productivity, and conflict.


According to Deepak Kharbanda, workplace diversity training means inclusion and variety in a workplace. It creates a healthy and safe work environment where people’s differences accept them as they are. Therefore, it’s ethically correct, as no one should be ill-treated.

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