Deepak Kharbanda Explains When Do You Need To Hire A Technical Project Manager

Deepak Kharbanda: Is your project going to require more than one skilled technique or discipline? If so, you may need a technical project manager to oversee everything. Here’s what you need to know about hiring one.

The number one thing to be aware of when hiring a project manager is that they are much more than someone who plans the work. A good project manager will be responsible for delegating the work, managing dependencies between tasks, and reporting status throughout the process. They will also have an excellent understanding of available resources and skill sets. Below are some situations when you need to hire a technical project manager Deepak Kharbanda. 

1. When a project is too large and has too many moving parts

If you have a task that involves more than one technique and multiple people, a project manager will be able to lead and manage the entire process. That includes ensuring everyone understands the overall goals.

2. When you want to streamline communication and collaboration

Without a technical project manager, engineers may slip into silos where they only communicate with other engineers on the same level in their organization or department. But a technical project manager will ensure that everyone is communicating effectively with people throughout the organization. That means that tasks won’t get assigned to a group of people only to have them realize later on the project is inter-departmental and needs to involve other departments as well.

3. When you want real-time updates and guaranteed deadlines met

A project manager will update you on their progress at each milestone before moving on to the next one. That means you won’t have to wait until the end of the project to get status updates and know where things stand. It also means that they will meet every deadline they’ve been given because they will track their work throughout the process.

4. When you need someone to lead communication around change management

A good project manager will let you know when a change needs to be made and then manage it throughout the organization, especially the development team. That ensures that everyone is on the same page about the change.

5. When you need to make sure every task is completed correctly and on time

A project manager will review all tasks and ensure they’re completed correctly and on time to achieve the project’s overall goal.


According to Deepak Kharbanda, a technical project manager will help your organization meet its goals through the best possible process. They can help your business by streamlining communication and establishing a common knowledge base throughout the organization. And they will help you keep track of all deadlines and milestones through real-time updates.

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