Measures To Find A Mentor For Your Business By Deepak Kharbanda

Entrepreneurs often look for a mentor-student relationship to scale up their business.

It is a clicking option as mentors have voluminous experience within their industry and have mentored several, if not hundreds, of clients to expand their businesses through different key stages of development, says Deepak Kharbanda. So without any further discussions, let’s take out ways how to find a mentor for your business. It is a suitable option as mentors have experience.


The simple answer is networking, but there’s more that goes into it than simply browsing through your network of connections.

Some mentors hold programs where they offer free value in terms of knowledge and provide a certain skill base, which new business owners can benefit from. It’s not free if you seek to continue, but it’s a good price to pay if you’re willing to take your business to the next level after setting up proper management and fundamental processes to operate efficiently.

Mentors like Russell Brunson use models like the value ladder, which describes the process clients go through to invest more and more money in the services you can provide for them, describes Deepak Kharbanda.

Instead of looking to find the right mentor, focus on expanding your network and making connections with those in it. Find people in senior-level positions from across various industries and reach out with a personal message or offer some kind of value to them. It is our priority to understand that it’s not just about receiving, it’s about giving first.

Mindset plays a key role when determining an outcome, and it’s important to come from a mindset of abundance instead of scarcity. A scarcity mindset is focused on what you can take and assumes a lack of resources available — it is a constructive way of thinking, says Deepak Kharbanda.

An abundance mindset is focused primarily on offering value without expecting anything back — it assumes an infinite amount of resources available and is an expansive way of thinking. If you are willing to learn, you will eventually stumble upon the right person who can teach you how to scale up your business effectively.

Use Meet-up Groups

It is a great start to check out websites like, which provide access to networking groups and start-up groups in your city.

Mentors are on the lookout to work with committed and hardworking people but that is often not enough, evaluates Deepak Kharbanda. Until you start putting yourself out there, you’re not going to show up on the radar of potential mentors who are the right fit for you.

Luck plays an important factor in this. Though it sounds cliché, luck is often referred to as the point where opportunity meets hard work. You can work hard all you want but if you’re not seeking out new opportunities and putting yourself out there, chances are pretty slim that you’ll stumble upon the right mentor for your business needs, says Deepak Kharbanda.

Final Words

It is crucial to do your homework, be diligent and work hard to attain enough experience and knowledge in your field of expertise before you set out to attract a mentor who can steer your business towards an upwards spiral of growth.

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